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Frequently Asked Questions

How can EZRep help me with my rep business?

EZRep tracks sales, commissions, orders, the ability to pay reps, and all of the reporting necessary to manage your business and sales reps to manage their territory.

Are Reports available in spreadsheet format?

Yes. Reports are available in a default form, spreadsheet and PDF.

How many users can I have?

You can have as many users as needed

As an administrator, can I pick what each user can see?

Yes. The administrator sets the permissions for each user.

Does EZRep work with all operating systems?

Yes. As long as the user can access the Internet, EZRep can be used.

Is training available?

Yes. EZRep is very EZ to use. Training is available via phone, webinar and screen sharing.

Does EZRep also do my bookkeeping and CRM?

No. We have found over the years that reps businesses use separate bookkeeping and CRM programs very successfully.

IS data stored securely?

Yes. The data is stored on secure servers. We have never experienced data loss.